What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Training Consultant

What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Training Consultant

As a freelance training consultant, I am happy as to the worldwide spread of the gig economy. The gig economy comprises of freelancers and it’s growing, and it’s growing fast. A new study confirms the rapid development of the global Gig Economy, projecting double-digit annual growth for the industry over the next five years. Some of this popularity is due to popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. However, there are millions of service-based providers called freelancers that work for companies of all sizes. Because of this rapid rise, a new job has emerged called the freelance training consultant.
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Hello guys, Mike Volkin here with Freelancer masterclass. Today, we’re going to be talking about freelance training, consulting, how and why you should hire one and maybe some reasons why you shouldn’t and some things you should look out for before you hire one and start to evaluate them. So let’s go ahead and discuss First things first, let’s talk about why people become freelancers. There’s three main reasons and working with, I would say hundreds of freelancers. At this point, I would tell you that there’s three main reasons that people want to become freelancers, number one to make more money, right. That’s the

It’s called the side hustle for a reason. Most people start out doing side hustle work, then they find out they can do

make a lot more money doing it and they just try to transition to full time work. The other reason people become freelancers is to have a more flexible work schedule. They don’t like that eight to five job. They just want to work whenever they feel like working, and then also to fulfill their life’s purpose. A lot of people want to align their life purpose with their work, purpose. Okay.

So now on the flip side of that, let’s talk about why companies hire freelancers in the first place. Well, it’s getting more and more popular as you know, the gig economy is growing quite a bit. The first reason why companies hire freelancers and this is a no order. But the first reason I want to discuss is that because there are advances in neuroscience that have been shown that productivity and focus from employees for eight straight hours, you know, eight to 524, whatever the typical workday is, I don’t even know any more external. I don’t work eight to five but

It’s it’s very hard to keep your focus for eight straight hours advances in neuroscience have now confirmed that and productivity and focus wise is just your body is just not designed to work for eight straight hours. So they like a companies like the efficiency of hiring a freelancer for a few hours here and there, or whenever they need them. Another one is specialization. So a lot of times when you hire employees, especially in the startup you do that that employee will do multiple things or where we’re, quote unquote multiple hats. Okay.

freelancers, though, specialize or should specialize in one or two very specific skills. For example, I’m a marketing strategist, and I work with small businesses. So that is my niche skill and more specifically, b2c companies. That is a very niche skill. So there might be a lawyer out there that wants to be working for various companies as a freelancer, and he has

A very specific set of legal skills where you can

be hired by a very specific

company to do very specific thing. Usually employees are more general. And another reason is, companies like to hire freelancers, because the laws especially out here, where I’m at in California, the laws are just getting crazy for carrying employees. It’s expensive. It’s difficult to keep up with it. Even small businesses now with less than five employees are starting to hire HR managers to keep up with everything. I know when I registered my business license as an S corp, I got pounded with email or without with email with with actual mail, physical mail, by what’s called the Employment Development Department, giving me all these offered. I have to go see these seminars about employee hiring and firing and then how to end process and how to pay taxes. It’s like you need you need to hire somebody just to manage who you hired. I mean, it’s just crazy. So hiring freelancers is pretty cut and dry. You just hire somebody on Twitter.

contractor status, you get sent an invoice you pay it, you have no obligation.

We’re little obligation compared to employees in regards to laws. But thanks to California being sarcastic, the politicians are really trying hard to make freelancing very difficult. They just passed a law.

That is absurd. I won’t go into it on my soapbox now. But there’s even more laws and legislation that’s going to make freelancing very, very difficult. No one’s really stepping up for the voice of the freelancers. So it’s a problem. And politicians aren’t entrepreneurs. They don’t get it. They just see that we generate money and they want some of that money. So to them, it’s legal to me it’s criminal. I’ve already paid enough in taxes, especially out here in California, but again, won’t get on my soapbox. That’ll be a podcast for another day.

Why hire a freelancing train freelance training consultants? Well, you’ve heard of entrepreneur consultants. I’m one myself entrepreneur coach. But now lately I’ve been doing a lot of freelance training because

I own freelance masterclass. So, I boil my freelance training into three main avenues. One, I want to make you more money to, I want to get you a more flexible work schedule and three, I want to help you fulfill your life purpose, the same reasons why freelancers become freelancers, okay? They’re they’re aligned. fulfilling your life’s purpose is very important. I mean, if you have to think about yourself, it’s kind of a morbid exercise. But if you’re at your own funeral, what do you want people to say about you? You know, that’s that’s your life purpose you that you pay your bills on time? Yeah, that that Greg, he was Bill paying son of a bitch. Boy, that guy can pay bills. That didn’t seem very important, right? What is your life purpose? If you don’t know yet, which is fine. You just got to think about it. It takes some time. It took me it really took me months to understand what made me happy from a work and

life purpose. But once they’re aligned, I mean, my goal right now is to get as much people to work for themselves and make their own money. Nothing could be more fulfilling than that.

me teaching people how to do that. So determine what your life purpose is.

So let’s say you’re evaluating some freelance training consultants to hire. What questions did you ask? Well, you need to answer the following questions. How much experiences is Freelancer have training other people? or other freelancers? Does this Freelancer have a good reputation online and the reason why I say that is because a lot of times there’s there’s a lot of freelance training consultants out there that are just that sell themselves they outright lie. There’s one in particular has a website. I won’t mention his name because he I know he listens to this. But he is just he just flat out light right lies about the money he makes through his website and selling his courses and stuff.

And, and he he takes money from freelancers and he pretends to coach them, it gives him very generic advice is terrible, but he he has he he goes out of his way to delete that is bad reputation online. You can’t

That much about them. So, go do a deep search by this person’s name. And try to find if you’re evaluating somebody for a training consultant. Really look on social media, Google, all the all the social media sites, you can okay Facebook, ask also ask them. Is there a formal training process in place? Meaning do they just wing it when you get on the call with them? Hey, what do you want to talk about today? That’s not a training consultant. Okay, that a training consultant should have a specific agenda for you based on your goals. Another one, number four, will this Freelancer give me personal attention?

We’ll talk about group sessions in a minute, but everybody’s different. Everybody’s got different goals or he’s got different work habits. Everyone’s got different pain points. So the freelancer, that the freelancing training consultant that you hire, should be able to work with you one on one.

And then does this Freelancer have a lot of press and this is important because if people are willing to write about this training consultant as an expert, then he or she must be

an authority on the same subject on some subjects. In most cases, like, for example, I personally had been in, I would say, at least over 100, media outlets, podcast news stations, there’s I’m getting a lot of what’s called earned media now people are coming to me. I’ve had

media call me the king of freelancing. I’m not sure who did that. It’s a cool title. I’m not sure I want to be the king of freelancing, but it is what it is. But if people are talking about that person, and giving them accolades on a mass scale, then that’s probably an indicator that it’s a good consultant.

And another question is, do I truly believe I can make my money back, you know, listen to a little man inside of you. What does that little man say? When you pay this consultant money? Will you get that money because this is not an expense, you should consider this as an investment. All right. So if you pay this consultant 1000 or 10,000, will you see that money back in return through increased business or whatever you’re paying for?

point is that it’s going to be

helping to achieve. Okay. Now, one of the last slides here is what questions should you ask? This means directly asked them? How much experience do you have as a freelancer? Okay. Now, what I want you to do here as opposed to last question, the last questions are more objective, this is an actual measurable

scale. So when you ask them how much experience you have as a freelancer, you should be able to

rate that from one to 10. So one being not a good answer. 10 being good answer. What you want to do is, there’s 10 questions here. If they are between 70 and 80, or even below an 80 you don’t want to hire them at all if they’re between 80 and 90 could be okay, you probably want to keep evaluating other training consultants 19 above that means just go for it. You guys are a good match. So ask them how much experience they have as a freelancer they just run right to coaching, right to training. They don’t they don’t know what it’s like to be in the trenches. Okay. Another question is asking

Take me through the steps in the process on how you like to develop a freelancers career, you know, they should have a specific agenda. Another question, what would I expect to be accomplished after working with you for three months? If they can’t answer that, then they don’t know. And if they don’t know, then you shouldn’t expect very much results. Another question is, what were your biggest failures? as a freelancer? Every Freelancer has failures no matter how good or how smart you are, if they don’t know what their failures are, then they haven’t learned from them. All right, that’s important.

Another one, what are the common attributes of Freelancer like me would need to have to double their freelancing rate or more triple quadruple, they should know what kind of attributes that you need. If they don’t know then they can’t help you increase your rate. They don’t they’re just shooting in the dark. Okay. Another question. What are some obstacles I should face as a freelancer and how would you help me overcome them?

That’s important.

Now the question, will you be working together with me one on one, we just discussed that. It’s it’s okay to be in group sessions, but you should be able to get some personal attention. Another question number eight, what is your main expertise? And how do you charge clients? Do you charge clients hourly and flat rate? I’m not talking about charging you being the client, as a student. I’m talking about them as a freelancer, how do they charge their clients it should be aligned with how you charge? If they don’t if they’ve never charged hourly before and you plan on charging hourly, they won’t understand the pitfalls and all the the goods and bads that come with charging hourly. Okay, number nine, an important question. Do you have a refund policy in place? That’s important. What if you don’t like what they’re doing? Can you get your money back? What if they, they made all these promises like yeah, I’ll return all my emails within a day and then they go three or four days without returning email consistently, or they miss meetings, asked for a refund. Okay, have a written refund policy. And the last question

I would recommend and again, you’re going to write these all from one to 10. Each individual question is do you work in a particular industry? Now, this is important because if a freelancer works in the b2b industry, business to business and you plan on working B to C industry, business, business to consumer, or even the big business to government, you want to make sure you’re aligned. You don’t want to hire a freelance freelance training consultant, if they only have experience in b2b and you’re working b2c, there’s idiosyncrasies there that you have to know and they cannot train you on how to overcome that. So my the last slide I’d like to talk to you about today is our group sessions. Okay? Yes, the reasons why they do group sessions because you know, as a training consultant, or even as a freelancer, your your time is your money and there’s only so many students you can help over a eight or 10 hour work day, okay? So me myself, I do group sessions because I want to help more than 10 people in a day if I choose to work 10 hours, which I rarely if ever do so.

I want to be able to help 100 people a day. So I help group, I hold group sessions because there’s a lot of common issues that come up.

Every day, I get the same issues at from a freelancer, there’s commonality and then we could do ask me any things we can happen guest speakers, you know, there’s a lot of different things that we can do where you’ll still get the value being in the group, but you’ll get that one on one attention to me with me if you do one on one session. So we have group sessions and one on one sessions. But make sure there’s a nice mix of both, okay, don’t just do the group sessions only and then not expect one want to do any one on one sessions if you want personal attention. Okay, so, how and why to hire a freelance training consultant. There’s your ticket, take this advice and run with it. Good luck. Thank you for joining us for freelancing school. Be sure to subscribe and get the latest updates on the show. Go to freelancing Master class.com to become a master freelancer.

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