Why do people think of freelancing as a big gamble?

Want to know why people think of freelancing as a big gamble? In today’s episode, Mike Volkin talks about the uncertainties of freelancing.

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Welcome to Freelancer masterclass. I am Mike Volkin. Today our topic is why do people think of freelancing as a big gamble? We got this question posted on Quora. Somebody didn’t ask me directly, but they invited me to answer this question. I thought it’d be a good one because a lot of people do think freelancing is a gamble. And why is that? And then how can we fix that? Well, number one, a lot of people go into freelancing because they’re in between jobs. And they decide, you know that they want to quit their job and look for a new one, or they decide they just want to quit their job and they don’t know what to do next, or they try freelancing is to pick up a gig here and there. So that’s a gamble. All right now you can turn freelancing into a full Time job, obviously there’s a lot of people who do it. But freelancing is a gamble for other reasons as well. Anything that feels risky is a gamble. For example, one of the biggest components of freelancing is getting clients that is a gamble to most people because why you need to be good at marketing and sales in order to get clients. And guess what, most freelancers aren’t good at marketing or sales. I don’t know the first thing about it. Think about web programmers think about writers think about any other industry other than marketing and sales is really not your specialty. Okay, so in order to be able to stand out from the sea of other freelancers, it’s essentially seen as a gamble and you need to reduce the odds as they say to house odds of it being a gamble by learning, marketing and sales. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be a salesman like you see on a used car sales lot. It doesn’t mean you need to know intricate marketing techniques. That is a reason why I started Freelancer masterclass is because there are very easy Real and doable marketing and sales strategies that you can implement into your freelancing career that can get you consistent work. So I want us to do an exercise right now. And if you don’t know how to get good, consistent client work, I can’t have you just skip over this exercise or just listen to it not do anything. I literally need you to pull out a piece of paper right now and answer this question. What makes me different? I know there are billions of people on this planet and every one is unique, but honestly, you don’t need to come up with something that is completely unique to you. But what is different about me compared to the other freelancers that are trying to take business away from me? So did you write that down yet? No. I know, because it’s, it’s very hard. It’s not an easy question. If it were easy, then everybody would be doing it. Just remember that statement. If it’s easy, then everyone would be doing it. So you really need a searcher soul here because even if you might think you know the answer, you really need to let it sit. I don’t I don’t know about you. But when I think about a big decision, I like to let it dwell for at least 24 hours because there’s always other things I think about, for example, if I’m on the call with a prospect, and they asked me, Do you have any questions for me, and I might not think of something right there or think of enough questions right there. But, you know, in 24 hours, I might have five or six questions. I’m like, oh, wow, I should have asked them this. Or I should have asked him that. It’s okay to let things dwell. And just think about it. Let it let it sponge up in your mind a little bit. Let the let the neurons go crazy in your brain and just really answer that question what makes me different. So if you’re a writer, for example, you can think yourself well, what makes my skill set different what makes me unique in the fact that I can serve as clients in this niche different or better than everyone else? That’s what you need to develop your USP from your unique selling proposition. So in order to reduce freelancing being a gamble, you can develop a unique selling proposition Which when heard by prospects, they make a decision. Yeah, this is my guy. This is who I need to hire. And this is who’s right for me because they spoke my language, they address my pain points. They speak very efficiently and their experiences great like all of that comes through and your USP, your unique selling proposition. And in Freelancer masterclass, we talked about other marketing communication tactics like taglines and value props. But really, your USP is a foundation for everything. And that will develop into an elevator pitch and a value prop and a tagline and all that good stuff. But that’s when you start to kind of form your own brand. And that’s how you reduce the gamble that freelancing is because now you’re establishing a niche, a uniqueness that only you can exude that you’ve developed and now you know exactly what client to go after. And that makes everything more steady, more consistent. And you can really just go after that brand and just get good consistent work, thus reducing the gamble that Is freelancing I hope this helped a little bit. Be sure to develop your USP and ask yourself what makes you different what makes you unique, not unique out of the billions of other people but what makes you different and unique in the way you service your clients in your niche. Okay.

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